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It’s funny

How we all cry for help through the Internet at one point cause we want to be consoled yet we ignore each other . When we see someone else do it we get annoyed and ignore them but the truth is we all do it at one point. Weather it’s insecurities, a break up, a death, stress, depression, loneliness it’s all the same out come no one wants to deal with the drama. Yet we all do this. Why? I just don’t get it. I’m a nice guy and will genuinely listen cause it just takes one person to make a difference. Sometimes you can save a life by showing some compassion and lending your shoulder to some one on edge.

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I don’t know how to feel about this lol

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Peach vs. Wendy

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It’s so sad but so true. It’s cliche but you can make a difference and save someone’s life just by caring when they are in need.

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Good management vs bad management

A good manager will tell you you’re doing a good job and suggest some things you can do to do your job even better. A bad manager will constantly not give ANY positive feed back and constantly tell you to do things “better”. A good manager will lead by example and what he asks you to do he will do him or herself. A bad manager for example will tell you to greet customers a certain way with certain lines and always smile but not do any of that him or herself.

I know I haven’t been working for more than a few months but this is basic shit. It’s not that hard.

The management at my work sucks, they constantly treat the employees poorly and don’t really give positive feedback.

On my end I don’t let it get to me because the customers are the ones who speak for me and they always seem to leave satisfied with me. Not to brag but I get quite a bit of people telling me I have excellent customer service and ask to speak to my manager on duty. It’s because of those people that I stay motivated.

When managers just tell you you’re doing things wrong without any positive feedback they trample all over your confidence and make you less competent.

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omg, looks like Rilakkuma.

Soo cute :) !

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Ash you slut

Deleted scene? Haha wow

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anchor espadrilles please!

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